Petrichor Studio was founded in January 2018 by Sarah Bell and Jacob Wasilkowski as a place for geovisual collaboration simply for the passion of it. Jacob and Sarah met while working at a large GIS company, and soon began collaborating on side projects outside of their day job. After a few of these joint mapping efforts it was clear that they’d continue working on these fun exploratory projects together, so they decided to launch a portfolio and blog.

Sarah Bell Cartographer

Sarah Bellco-founder

Sarah Bell was trained in cartography at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and began her professional cartography career at the National Park Service. Sarah then went on to work at an independent cartography company, creating maps for clients like the U.S. Forest Service, private clients, and the National Park Service. Following her time there, Sarah pursued her M.S. in Geography, where she also created mapping products for community disaster recovery during her work as a data visualization designer for Western Washington University’s Resilience Institute. Sarah arrived at her current job at a large geospatial software company four years ago where she provides mapping and data-visual solutions for customers. Sarah has an appreciation for well-established cartographic standards and rules, but she’s also eager to push and bend those rules.

When she’s not mapping and designing, Sarah is rock climbing, running, and enjoying the outdoors.

Jacob Wasilkowski geo web developer

Jacob Wasilkowskico-founder

After becoming completely captivated by geography and cartography at the University of Kentucky, Jacob decided to get a taste of the geospatial industry by interning at the National Geographic Society and working at a satellite imagery company.  After a few years out in the wild, he went running back to school and pursued an M.S. in GIS at Clark University.  The focus in grad school was heavy on remote sensing and environmental time series data analysis, and thus the love of earth-observation pixels was solidified.

Jacob's been at his current post at a large geospatial software company for 5 years and spends most of his time with JavaScript web development, building compelling cartographic and data visualization solutions for all kinds of customers and industries.

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